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What does Nissi Classic Cleaners have for you?

Studies show that there is a relationship between employee performance and work/life balance. There are consequences of unbalance between work and life at the organizational level, family level, and individual level.  These may affect one's mental health, thus affecting other spheres of life like good hygiene practices and cleanliness. 

Organizations and institutions fail to achieve their core objectives because they spend most of their energies on managing non-core staff. These include cleaners, gardeners, and security staff among others. 

After careful analysis of the information available online and the lessons learned from the different homes that Nissi Classi Cleaners has visited, maintaining Cleanliness was identified as one of the major challenges of many homes and organizations. It thereafter designed the following services to help individuals, families, and organizations achieve their full potential.

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Cleaning services

Nissi Classic cleaners Ltd Offers Cleaning services to offices, homes, schools, hospitals, apartme ....

Fumigation helps control pests. It is used to kill pests that pose a serious threat to human healt ....

Disinfection is defined as a procedure, the result of which is transient and that eliminates ....
De clutter

Nissi Classic Cleaners is so passionate about creating clutter-free spaces for homes and offices. ....

Nissi Classic cleaners offer training to institutions, hotels, or organizations that utilize in-ho ....

Cleaning Tips

Expert Cleaning Tips   The First Principle of Effective Cleaning is Not having to clean at al ....

Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd started in 2013 as a laundry service in Mukono. It was started by Ms. Vic ....

Welcome to our corner of cleanliness and hygiene! Whether you're a neat freak looking for the latest ....

What are the frequently Asked Questions? Question #1 How do you screen your employees? Our Cl ....
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Custom cleaning All our cleaning is customized according to the client’s cleaning needs. Ni ....
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Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd Contact Phone Number: 0751003488/0781870651 Whatsapp: 0751003488 Email ....
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