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Hire Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd


Custom cleaning

All our cleaning is customized according to the client’s cleaning needs. Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd takes time to understand the client's cleaning needs, it then designs a cleaning plan for each client.

Nissi Classic cleaners also use the first 2 cleans to align its cleaning methods to the clients cleaning needs. We appreciate the fact that the client is the best person to offer cleaning services to their premises. When they choose us, we should do it their way and to their satisfaction.


24-hour warranty

Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd offers a 24-hour warranty for each clean. Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd strives to get it right the first time, but just in case the customer is not satisfied the first time, Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd offers a repeat clean for the customer at no extra charge to the customer.



We believe that to give the customer the best experience, we have to have the right tools, utilize the right procedure, the right technics, and the right chemicals.

Our cleaning technicians are given the training to enable them to use the right tool, procedures, technics, and chemicals. The pieces of training help them work efficiently and effectively. We also offer induction training, ongoing training, and on-site training. Each site always has a supervisor to enable the technicians to perform to the client’s satisfaction.

The technicians will always wear identifiable uniforms


Worry free services

We do background checks on all our recruits. We also ask their guarantors to sign our forms. We ask them for copies of their national ID for proper identification.

In the 7 years that Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd has existed, it has not gotten any security threat from its employees. But just in case in the future it ever happens, Nissi Classic Cleaners Ltd promises that it will help in the investigations.

Culture and Inclusion

We believe that the success of our employees goes hand in hand with the success of our company. We are committed to the culture that fully leverages our employees by promoting an environment where all people make a difference, be heard, be supported, be developed and be rewarded for their contributions. 

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